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Antonius/Jozwiak - Institute of Inter-witted Research

The Institute of Inter-witted Research was founded by us – Claudia Antonius and Jörg Jozwiak – in 2015. In our works, we explore the interface of sense, nonsense, pensiveness, deeper meaning and senselessness. We are particularly interested in the exploration, documentation and mediation of narratives and different types of traces. We also have a keen interest in the serious within the humorous, and the humour to be found within the serious. Our works are not limited to specific forms of artistic expression as we enjoy borrowing from various disciplines. 

We are based in Vienna, Austria.


Claudia Antonius
Born 1969 in Vienna, Austria

2003 Akademiebrief (equiv. MA Fine Art)
2000-2003 Painting, Düsseldorf Academy of Art
1997-2000 Painting, University of Applied Arts Vienna
1998 MA Art History, University of Salzburg


Jörg Jozwiak
Born 1972 in Bremen, Germany

2014 PhD (Art; practice-based), Goldsmiths College, London
2003 Akademiebrief und Meisterschüler (equiv. MA Fine Art with Distinction)
1999-2003 Sculpture, Düsseldorf Academy of Art
2001-2003 Geography and Philosophy, University of Düsseldorf
1997-1998 Mixed Media Arts, Liverpool Art School

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