Easton Ridge National Park

Easton Ridge National Park, Eingang, Schild

Limestone has been mined on the Isle of Portland in the south of England for centuries. Former and still operating quarries shape the island’s scenery until the present day. An overgrown spoil tip located close to the village of Easton was designated as the Easton Ridge by us on the occasion of the multimedia arts festival b-side (6th – 18th September 2018). In particular, we declared the area to the left and to the right of a 40 meter long trail that runs across one “crest“ of this “range“ as a national park: An apparently banal element of the landscape that is visited mostly by local dog owners. The project included signage, guided tours through the park and a limited edition picture book (25 copies) that was produced in co-operation with local photographers Gina Rose and Dave Warren in the months preceding the festival.

Picture book (grey margin not in original): Download pdf or view here:

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