Solo-Novela [en] (2017)

Beschriftung des Kreuzackerplatzes. Writting onto Kreuzacker square.

As part of the Jours des éphémères Festival in Solothurn (CH), we developed a tele-novela-like story in dialogue with passers-by. Two names – “Ursula“ and “Victor“ (reminiscent of the town’s patrons Urs and Victor) – were written in chalk onto the central Kreuzacker square. Then we asked passers-by to invent the plot: Who are Ursula and Victor? How are they related to one another? What are their adventures? What other characters appear? Taking the shape of a mind-map, an interconnected, complex, and absurd story spread all over the square during six hours. Much in the vein of an ephemeral work of art, it rained the next day and the Solo-Novela began to dissolve.